Why you should do a keyword analysis

While online advertising has become more and more affordable, free publicity is even better. Appearing on the first page in search engines is a great way to get more traffic at zero cost. Even though organic traffic and high search ranking are every marketer’s dream, how do you take on the battle?

Appearing on the first page in search engines is a great way to get more traffic at zero cost.

There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) guides out there, focusing on technical upgrades. But I’d like to focus on one element that doesn’t get enough attention: a keyword analysis

Getting trapped by logic keywords

When you know your brand, inventing keywords should be easy for you. So why still put an effort into a keyword analysis? Well, keywords that are logical to you, are probably logical to your competitors as well. It just doesn’t pay off to try and get a high search ranking on overly popular keywords. So what other criteria should you put into the balance when choosing keywords to focus on?

The other critera

When doing a keyword analysis we focus on 5 criteria:

  • Search volume: how many people search for this term on average every month on a search engine in a relevant country
  • Search results: how many search results are there for the keyword in the relevant area?
  • Frequency: how many times do people search for this keyword?
  • Competition: how many competitors are there on this keyword?
  • KEI: keyword efficiency: the holy grail. Combining frequency and search results to determine the efficiency of a keyword. How likely it is to get high ranking and organic search traffic from this keyword

Try rating a large list of relevant keywords on these 5 criteria to see which ones survive the test. I bet you’ll be surprised…

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