Brandhoutkaai 19/3
1000 Brussel


Quote Number QUO-0022
Quote Date December 12, 2018
Total €9.486,40

Quentin Houyoux
Drève du Val Saint-Pierre 7
BE-1332 Genval

BTW BE0665.521.948


General / Design:

- Design pages
- Install and configure WordPress.
- Install and configure a premium theme (Bridge or other equivalent).
- Design the general layout of the site (header, navigation, general page design & footer).

Custom Development:
- Develop a custom plugin framework.
- Develop custom user registration, log in and my account forms.
- Develop a custom admin panel to set the fields required for the data collection form (to keep it flexible for the client to update / add fields).
- Develop a front end data collection form with required fields and validation.
- Develop a custom database table to store the submitted forms with associated user ID and dates.
- Develop an admin only reporting dashboard to show the entire data set, data for selected users and filterable by date range.
- Develop a script to export the reports to CSV or PDF.

Misc / Follow Up
- Ensure all content is translatable via POT file.
- Migrate the completed site to the clients server.
- 1 week of follow up support post launch.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
24 Design
64 Development
24 Miscellaneous €70,00€1.680,00
Sub Total €7.840,00
BTW €1.646,40
Total €9.486,40

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