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Quote Date May 8, 2017
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Quentin Houyoux
Drève du Val Saint-Pierre 7
BE-1332 Genval

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mobile responsive wordpress website for Seneffe with some specific functions.

1. Projects
People who log into the site can send in projects they want for the city, for example a new road, a bicycle path, a cinema, …. Projects are approved immediately but can be taken offline by admin. Admin receives email when a new project is posted. People can upvote a project and can comment. Comments can be turned off and on by admin.
A project has the option to include an image. Projects need to be able to be uploaded from frontend by users.

2. Photo timeline and map
People can send in old photos of the city from the frontend. They can fill in the year the picture was taken and the location if they know it. Users can search for pictures on a map or in a timeline. Pictures are approved automatically but can be moderated by admin. People can leave comments at pictures but comments can be turned on or off by admin.

3. Event calendar for the city
Classic event calendar. People can send in their event suggestions frontend. Only events approved by admin appear in calendar.

4. Competition
A form for several types of competitions

5. Newsletter
Functionality to be able to send a newsletter

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
4 Base wordpress setup

Setup of the theme and translation

40 Custom plugin development

Development of custom plugins for the specific functions.

6 Newsletter functionality
2 Training of system

Training of administrators so they know how to use the system.

2 SEO and security

Making sure the theme is SEO friendly and secure.

Sub Total €3.780,00
BTW €0,00
Total €3.780,00

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