4 website design trends to keep an eye on

4 website design trends to keep an eye on

At Man versus Web we keep a close eye on website trends to make sure your website is futureproof. What are the current trends? Let’s have a look…


1. Design for every screen

A website doesn’t only have to look good on your computer anymore, but also on your tablet, smartphone… A modern website design has an elegant solution for every size of screen and screen ratio.


2. Daring colours

Pastel colours are definitely on their way out. Wild color combinations are the way to go if you want a modern looking site. Experiment with special combinations and gradients of 2 accents.



3. Innovative scrolling and parallax

Onepager website aren’t new, but are getting increasingly creative using scroll animation and parallax effects. Ideal for websites that have one key message. Check out this gem. Or this one.

4. Big and bold fonts

Fonts are getting bigger and bolder too. Get inspired by these examples and contact us to make your dream website reality.