How to get started with Facebook advertising

How to get started with Facebook advertising

You want to grow your business by using paid online advertising? You’ll quickly notice Facebook has an excellent solution. Almost everybody has an account, and detailed targeting allows you to approach exactly the audience you need in an affordable way.

If you don’t have any experience advertising on Facebook, this blog post will help you to get started.

Setting up your account

Go to
On this dashboard you can find everything related to your paid ads.

On the top menu you’ll find all options. Including:

business Manager settings’ where you can fill in payment details.
Audience Insights’ where you can get valuable insights into specific audiences.
Pixels’ where you’ll find a piece of code that you can put on your website so you can track visitors coming that are logged into Facebook so you can use them for remarketing and conversion measurement.


Making an ad

When advertising on Facebook, it’s best to keep the following structure in mind:

You start by creating a campaign. On the campaign level you decide which goals you have:

Within a campaign you can create advertising sets – the second level. On this level you decide the budget and target audience including location and interests.

The third level – the ads themselves – contain the images or video and copy. It’s best to ad different ads to each set so you can test which one performs the best.

Let’s try!

Once you’ve set up your first campaign, you can follow the results in the dashboard. If after a while you notice some ads underperforming compared to others, you can pause them using the blue button. It’s best to give Facebook some time to improve on new ads, as results may get better within 48 hours.

Becoming a pro

Advertising on Facebook can be as easy or as complicated as you want! You’ll quickly understand the basics, but there are plenty of advanced functions that are out of the scope of this blog. If you want to know more about advanced Facebook advertising, feel free to contact me.