Make A Difference Today

We firmly believe that working with a digital agency needs to be profitable bottom line. We aim for measurable results that are quantifiable in increased revenue.

Psychology at work

Digital marketing and Psychology go hand in hand. We use influence techniques in our copywriting to make sure your message is impactful among the overload of ads.

Best practices, every time

Digital marketing never stops evolving, and so we keep learning. Keeping up with new techniques is part of our daily schedule.

Your return on ad spend

So how do you measure the results on digital marketing efforts? Brand awareness, reach, engagement… sure! But we aim to measure further down the funnel, right down to marketing generated revenue.

A strategy that looks great in execution.

A great strategy is nothing when poorly executed. We work in collaboration with a highly talented designer to make sure every digital marketing effort looks as shiny and great as it should be.
Our Portfolio

What we can do for you

Man versus Web offers a variety of digital marketing services. Whichever you choose, you’ll get no less than an absolute expert in the subject matter.

Digital Strategy

What should your brand be doing online, what should be the key message, the platform, the media plan? All these questions and more, answered in a complete plan.

Web Design

Sites that look stunning on every device and that guide the visitors to where they need to go. We got you covered!

Social Media

Let's get social with your brand, but not without a clear path, awesome copy and stunning visuals. We'll make that happen.


Be a champion in Google search results and beat the competition. All the way to the top of the ranking? Let's go.


Facebook ads and Adwords have no secrets for us. Our best practices will get you the best chances in a positive return on investment.


Don't just preach; teach! You can count on us to learn you the tricks of the trade so you can do better digital marketing yourself.

Consultants that don’t fear execution.

Telling you what to do is one thing, doing it is another. No worries, we believe in our own strategy and execute them in all confidence if necessary. Want to be at the steering wheel? We’ll be sure to guide you in the right direction with the necessary support.

Some highlights in our portfolio

We offer a range of services for a variety of clients. Here are some cases that may be relevant to you.


Satisfied Clients


Record return on ad spend achieved


International brands


Clients lost

Transparant pricing

We offer standard hourly rates, reduced rates and fixed fees for your projects, in all transparency.

  • Hourly rate

  • 70/hour
  • The default hourly rate for all services at Man versus Web.
  • reduced rate

  • 60/hour
  • Reduced hourly rate starting at 8 hours a week for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Website development

  • starting at €2500/project
  • Looking to build a brand new site or to update your current one? Project free proposals are free of charge, so feel free to contact us.
  • Training sessions

  • 480/half day
  • Learn the secrets of digital marketing with our trainings for any level. From beginners to advanced advertising, copywriting, SEO, SEA, … Discover our complete range of classes.